2003 Mitsubishi Outlander • 4 cylinder • 111,000 miles

My car overheated last christmas and when we checked it, we did find anything. We just added water since there was no more water left after the overheat.
Recently, this March my car almost overheat twice in a week. I decided to go to a repair shop and they told me that the module is not working. I had that fixed but they found more problems. They found our that even replacing the module did not made the two fans working (AC and radiator fan).
Question is, they want to charge me $800. Is that a reasonable price for everything?
April 3, 2011.

It would depend on what needs to be done and replaced.

Do the fans come on when the A/C is turned on?

It should be a wiring fault if replacing the module did not work. Have the motors been tested and found to be good?

You should get a second opinion as the shop does not seem to be confident in what they are doing.

Apr 3, 2011.