2003 Ford Explorer • 112,000 miles

I cannot get the shift lever out of the "park" position. With the engine running and my foot on the brake and I lift up and pull down at the same time the shift lever will not leave the "park" position. I don't know any other way to describe this problem.
September 3, 2013.

Are your brake lights working? The park lock solenoid is powered through the brake light switch. If there is no power turning the brake lights on, then it won't release from park.

Let me know.

The brake light circuit was the problem. I started at the fuse panel to determine that power was going to the brake light switch and it was. I unplugged the wire from the brake light switch and jumpered it. The brake lights came on and it cured my shift lever problem. I removed the switch from the brake pedal. Disassembled the switch. It appeared to have corroded contacts. I filed the contacts clean re assembled the switch and remounted it on the brake pedal, plugged in the wire and everything works fine. Shift lever problem solved. Thanks for the help.

Sep 4, 2013.
Glad you got it fixed. I had a feeling it had something to do with the switch.

Take care,