2003 Chrysler Town and Country • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 125,000 miles

Vacuum leak on 2003 town and country, how to fix

March 7, 2011.

Usually a vacuum leak requires nothing more than replacing a broken or dry rotted hose. However, where is it leaking?

Yes, My Mechanic found a cracked hose from underneath the vechile (somewhere) but that cleared the small leak code. The for the large leak code he had to replace the canister. Tx

Apr 14, 2011.
Hi: It sounds like you had an EVAP system problem. I din't realize that until you mentioned the canister and the "large leak." That is something a little different than just a vacuum leak. Usually, the EVAP system needs fogged to locate the leak and with the EVAP, it is usually more than just a hose.