2002 Volvo S80 • 75,000 miles

I don't have access to a scanner for the volvo. There is a problem in the fuel system. THe car was in storage in a humid climate for 8 months. The gas tank appears to have been broken into and 1/2 of the tank of gas removed. A local mechanic cleaned the injectors, said they were very dirty but still the car starts very roughly and dies. Once its running it runs ok and doesn't dies while driving. Should I add fresh gas to the tank or should I try to use this tank up. I can't get another mechanic to look at it for a week and need the car.
December 12, 2012.

Drain out old gas replace with fresh and a fuel system cleaner

Dec 12, 2012.
You may also want to check for a plugged pcv system and dirty throttle body. If throttle is dirty it will run really rough and stall out. When you clean the throttle remove the ETM and ECM fuse in the engine compartment to reset the system as well. Good luck and let us know what happens.

Dec 20, 2012.