2002 Volkswagen Polo • 185,000 miles

Hi there, Here is the symptoms of my car problem:

1. Rattling sound when idle; goes away when in clutch
2. Continues Whining kind of sound when driving; goes away when in clutch BUT not in neutral (in speed)
3. Kind of Knocking sound when left wheel was rotated (car on jack)

Suggested solution given was; Gearbox replace; Throw out bearing/pivot ball replacement;

I`m still in blur, looking forward for you kind advise, thanks
May 15, 2012.

Sounds like you need to drop the tranny and investigate the release bearing

May 15, 2012.
The suggestions you were given are pretty good. The knocking noise when turning the wheel could be the axle. If it is you would be able to here it when making a hard u-turn. Check the other side by both methods as well. It could be a wheel bearing.
As far as the clutch noises, the throw out bearing and/or pilot bearing are most likely the problem.
It sounds like you should get a clutch kit, which will have a clutch plate, pressure palte, thowout bearing and pilot bearing, pull the tranmission and have a transmission shop inspect it and get a new set of axles.
With the mileage you have if you have never replaced any of these it is due for them. The wheel bearings can be checked while the work is getting done by rotating them and check for smooth and tight operation.

Thanks; so it has 2 problems/solutions; 1. Knocking sound - the axle in transmissions needs to be replace( nothing heard when I did the hard left/right turn
2. Whining/rattling - New clutch kit.

Thank you very much on your cooperative support guys.

May 15, 2012.
Your very welcome. Ras has been here a long time and I always feel good when he and I are on the same track. He is a real pro.
So, you have a good direction and it is well founded.
Come back any time you need anything else.

Dr. C

I was gonna add the pilot bushing but left it out-lol Same here Doc-I feel good too-when you are around and the others when we all pitch in to the same question one of us will eventually knock it out-Thanks

May 15, 2012.