2002 Toyota Corolla • 68,000 miles

My car makes a soft clicking sound when I start it in the morning. The noise comes from the front. When I open the bonnet and listen I cant locate it, but when I close the bonnet I hear the noise from the front wheels. The noise disappears after driving for a few minutes after the engine has become warm.I went to my mechanic he told me to change my ETF which I did with no success. He checked the drive shaft and the wheel joints which are OK. He changed the bushes which were worn out he even sprayed the throttle with anti choke with no success. Another mechanic suggested that it might be the bearing next to the water pump.I am now confused! This problems came about after my friend borrowed my car and went for a 750km journey with bad roads. What might be the problem? Help!

January 9, 2013.

Is the noise fromm wheels or engine?
Does it occur when vehicle is stationary?

Jan 9, 2013.
That's what am not sure about, its there when the car is stationery and does not increase when I rev the engine. It disappears after driving for a few minutes.

Jan 10, 2013.
Problem is not engine or drivetrain related. Most likely an electrical component such as a solenoid or relay is causing it.

Jan 22, 2013.