2002 Toyota Corolla • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 12,000 miles

A 2002 Toyota Corolla. Starts fine and generally runs good but at times acts like water in the gas with hesitation and engine bogging down. A restart will return it to normal for a few miles then it starts again. Sometimes you can power through it as the car decelerates and it will run fine for sometimes up to 10 miles and then it happens again. It does seem to be happening with more frequency. I replaced the Mass Air Flow sensor, no help. Used a gas dryer additive, no help. No codes either.
Any ideas out there?
January 12, 2011.

Thanks for replying. No check Engine light, no codes on the data checker, replaced mass air flow sensor already. It runs fine after an engine start for a few miles then starts again.

Jan 12, 2011.
Donsmith777 - did you ever get this resolved? I have a 2001 Corolla with the same issue. Replaced the Catalytic converter, 2 O2 sensors, MAF sensor, and had the throttle body thoroughly cleaned. Still bogging down in 2nd gear. Sometimes 1st gear.

Jan 4, 2013.