2002 Saturn Vue

1. Recently my vue started acting up, first I tried driving it it went into reduced power mode then died completely and wouldn't restart and shown no gas guage. I disconnected the battery and hooked it back up and it started fine.
Now it starts but sometimes if you drive it and turn it off it won't restart it shows no gas guage and a light but if I wiggle the bunch of wires between the battery fuse box and then engine I get fuel guage and fuel back and it starts back up.
2. Upon all of this I tried using a used bcm but quickly realized that wasn't the issue. Now my alarm system doesn't engage. I can lock the doors with the remote but the security light does not flash only comes on before pre ignition and thee goes off before starting. I can use the remnote to lock and unlock and the horn button works. But the alarm does not engage.
3. I can pull the key out of the ignition if it's running or in accessory is this normal for an 2002 AWD Vue V6?
Thanks for your help
January 18, 2013.

Do this open the under hood fuse box you will see some 7mm bolts that hold the 68 way connectors intothe uunderhood fuse. Make sure all those are tight. Also if the key comes out in the acc or run position you have a worn out key or worn ignition cylinder.

Jan 18, 2013.
Thanks saturntech9 I have an update
Update: I have a new key made as my old one was worn down, I was at the bcm ground at the passenger side kick plate sprayed contact cleaner and cleaned the grounds.
Took it for a drive out town, and after a while it shut down while idling it restarts but shut down a few times on my way home, I hooked my scanner up and I have 9 codes: with the Live Data
Fuel Sys 1 CL
Fuel Sys 2 CL
Calc LOAD (%) 2.7
ECT (degreesF) 188
STFT B1 (%) 2.3
LTFT B1 (%) 0.7
STFT B2 (%) -0.7
LTFT B2 (%) 1.5
Eng Rpm 640
Veh Speed (mph) 0

P0261 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Low
P1780 Park Neutral Position Switch Circuit
P0264 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Low
P0267 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Low
P0270 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Low
P0273 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Low
P0276 Cylinder 1 Injector Circuit Low
P0444 Evaporative Emission System Purge Control Valve Circuit Open
P0447 Evaporative Evaporative Emission Control System Vent Control Circuit Open
Any ideas wire etc?

Jan 19, 2013.
So did you check and see if those bolts holding the connectors were tight in the underhood fuse box?Also one thing comes to mind on the drivers side towards the door you will side a plastic panel just forward of the door. Remove that panel you will see a large inline connector. Pop that connector apart and look for corrosion on the connectors terminals etc.I have seen water moiture get into that connector causing all kinds of codes isses etc.

Jan 20, 2013.
Hello, yes I did check it I checked the fuses and cleaned all the grounds that are on the drivers side top, ecm battery and checked that plug, ecm plugs, passenger side and a few plugs that were on the engine, all appear to be fine, just out of curiosity could all these codes be caused by a bad crankshaft position sensor? I have a new one coming, also now what its doing when I first go to start it after cleaning all the grounds and disconnecting battery, when I first move the key to on all I get is a security light no guages lights etc but it can start, however if I cycle the keys again I get the lights and it starts, seeing as how it dies when its running when it gets warm am I wrong to think its a sensor I alos had to cycle the key alot just to get the fuel pump to go.

Jan 21, 2013.
None of those codes are for the crank sensor nor will a bad sensor cause all those codes.I would be looking where you wiggled those wires and everything started working you have a loose connection somewhere.

Jan 21, 2013.