2002 Saturn SL1 • 240,000 miles

Car starts every morning, but fails to restart if I stop on my way to work. Dash lights come on, and head lights come on, but when I turn the key to start, there is no response from the starter. 8.5 hours later, when I leave work, it starts right up again. I park on an incline, if I have to stop on my way home, to roll start it (manual transmission), as it usually fails to start with the key. Same thing over again each day. I replaced the battery, and the voltage from the battery is within specs after driving to or from work, or before. The alternater works fine. The car won't even start with a jump when turned off after its had its initial start-up. I would appreciate any input you could give me on this problem.
November 15, 2012.

Sounds like a ad starter do you have a multi meter to do some testing?If so see if you have power to the small purple wire to the starter while it doesn't start with the key in the start position.

Nov 15, 2012.
The car got to where it wouldn't even start in the mornings, or evenings since I first inquired. I drove the car up on a rack, and tapped the solenoid, and the car started right up, and began starting regularly in the a.M, and p.M. Again, but not in between. I pulled the starter off today, took it apart, and cleaned the solenoid with carb. Cleaner, then put the starter back together, and back on the car. Car now starts repeatedly, and seems to be fixed. Thank you for your help.

Nov 23, 2012.
Your welcome those solenoids do fail on the starters glad I could help.

Nov 24, 2012.