2002 Mazda Protege • Manual • 197,000 miles

Hello all,
First time here. I have a 2002 Mazda Protege
197000 miles, 2.0. The ac started acting up a few months ago, it would start blowing cold and then 20 minutes later nothing but warm air. I tried the recharge kit, seemed to help a little, meaning the air was colder for the 1st 20 minutes or so, then back to warm. Around this time, we noticed some "noise" coming from the general direction of the ac compressor. So looked at it and someone suggested it was the ac clutch going. I started looking to see if I could get just the clutch and replace that only as I didn't want to replace the entire compressor if I didn't need to. Last night I started to smell rubber burning, assumed it had something to do with the ac, let the car cool down, then before heading to bed remembered to put the windows up, car would not start. I assume the clutch/compressor something is just stuck now.
So at this point what are my options?
1) Find and just replace the clutch?
2) Find an ac place and replace the entire compressor? ( I don't have the tools to vacuum out the ac lines).
Thanks in advance.
Technical Difficulty
July 12, 2011.

I also have an 02 Protege and the AC clutch is not engaging. I checked the low pressure switch on the top of the dryer and it is OK(if the switch is working the condenser fan will come on when when the AC switch is turned on. I disconnected the the single wire to the clutch and measured the resistance to ground on the clutch side, and it was OK 3.8 ohms.
With the engine turned off, I ran a jumper from the clutch wire to 12V(Positive terminal on the battery)and the clutch engaged. With the wire still connected I started the engine and turned on the AC and it works fine. I swapped relays between the horn and AC Controller and AC clutch worked, horn failed. The horn headlight taillight, and AC relays are interchangeable.

I am also having an intermittent problem with the #2 blower switch position. The AC drops in and and the blower continues to run. I have used contact cleaner on the switch but it only lasted a couple months. I also replaced the resister pack, behind the glove compartment. I found TSB 07-005/03

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You can buy the heater switch instead of the control assembly for 27.66 at Jim Wells Mazda parts

Aug 17, 2012.