2002 Land Rover Freelander • 6 cylinder AWD Automatic •

Hello. The other day I hit a ice "hill." I damaged a heat shield between the muffler and the axle. It was making a grinding noise; just because the heat shield was rubbing against the axle. But now I am hearing a TICKING noise come from the area of the intake. How could hitting a ice hill mess up the engine? I also have a shield under my truck. It came with the vehicle and it protects the engine and transmission.
The car preforms great still. Also I noticed when I step on the gas the noise gets a little bit louder.
December 7, 2010.

How is the oil level? This is a very complicated story when you hit this ice hill did your vehicle stop instantaneously? Was it leaning to one side? Was it nose in? Or nose up?

Dr Loot
Dec 8, 2010.