2002 Honda Accord • 95,000 miles

My 2002 Accord(V-6/V-Tec)with auto tranny and 95,000 miles runs great except for the occasional 'jerking' or 'slipping' that feels like the transmission.

It becomes more noticeable when accelerating somewhere between 0 to 15mph and even more if accelerating up a driveway or small hill! Also, during 'stop and go' traffic, I am sometimes able to take of quickly without a problem. But then other times it seems like I press the pedal about a half second before the RPM's increase.

I really hope that these are not early signs of a major tranny disaster.

May 31, 2012.

Get the trouble codes pulled. Any Advance Auto or Auto Zone will do this for free.
If no codes come up, you either have a torque converter or a clutch pack problem.

Thanks for the advice! My gut told me that was the obvious first move to make, just doing a little research and 'finger crossing' before I take it in.

If it is the torque converter, will driving it in this condition cause anything else to go wrong? I'm assuming clutch kits only apply to manual trannys, right? I guess I should also mention that the previous owner modified the dual exhaust (but I think he only added exhaust tips) but if I find that he also modified the actual exhaust system or maybe added performance headers, could this possibly be another reason for my problem as well?

May 31, 2012.
If the torque converter goes bad it will stopp moving and can catastrphically fail which would break more parts and make a rebuild cost more. So, if the scan does not turn up any trouble codes you probably need a rebuild. Take it to a transmission shop ASAP.
There are clutch packs in automatic transmissions that can go bad and slip.
The exhaust probably has nothing to do with your problem.

Thank you so much for your insight! (Thank goodness I work from home, I love my little scooter n' booter and don't want her to die, lol)

I appreciate what you guys do on this website! You rock!

Jun 2, 2012.
You're very welcome. Come back anytime you need anything. We have a great team of techs waiting to help.

Take care,
Dr. C