2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser • 6 cylinder 2WD Automatic • 103,000 miles

How to remove 2002 pt cruiser's alternator from wheel well?
Steven felder
November 18, 2010.


Remove the air cleaner lid, disconnect the inlet air sensor and makeup air hose.
Disconnect the negative battery cable.
Fig. 2 Generator T-Bolt And Upper Pivot Bolt
Loosen the upper generator adjustment lock nut (Fig. 2).
Raise vehicle on hoist.
Remove the right front wheel.
Fig. 3 Accessory Drive Splash Shield
Remove the accessory drive splash shield (Fig.3).
Fig. 4 Support Bracket
Remove the support bracket (Fig. 4).
Fig. 5 Lower Pivot Bolt
Loosen the lower pivot bolt (Fig. 5).
Loosen the accessory drive belt t-bolt.
Fig. 6 Battery Connection
Unplug field circuit from generator (Fig. 6).
Remove the B+ terminal nut and wire.
Remove the generator belt, refer to the Cooling for more information.
Remove the axle retaining nut.
Remove the lower control arm from steering knuckle.
Remove axle shaft. Put a container under the transmission to catch the transmission fluid from the transmission.
Remove the generator lower mounting bolt and nut from the upper adjustment bracket.
Fig. 7 Generator Removal
Remove generator out the bottom (Fig. 7).

Nov 18, 2010.