2001 Saturn SL1 • 150,000 miles

My car is overheating but the water pump works the thermostat was just changed the thermostat sensor works what else could make my car overheat holds coolant I don't have another solutions.
January 9, 2013.

Have you had the cooling system flushed? The radiator may be plugged.

Have you bled the air out of the thermostat housing

Jan 19, 2013.
Those cars don't trap air they self purge as long as the coolant level is full there isn't any air. If the coolant temp sensor is working correctly what is the actual temp the radiator fan coming on at?The temp gauge can't be trusted because there is only one temp sensor for the gauge and the computer. Does the radiator fan come on with the ac on if the ac works?When the radaitor fan is on is there a lo of air being pulled thru the radiator? When does it overheat?Stop and go traffic around town freeway?Does your car still have its air dam?If that's missing it will overheat under certain driving conditions. Did you check the coolant temp sensor connector for being corroded its common on those cars.

Jan 20, 2013.