2001 Pontiac Sunfire • 158,125 miles

I recently replaced the fuel pump now it wont start the fuel pump does not kick on and theres no spark also when you go to start it the tool light theft system and check guages lights stay on along with the traction control off light the high beam indicater light flashes 10 times real quickly then they stay luminated ive tried reprograming the theft system still wont start if I hook my test light up to the positive on battery and test buy the fuel pump relay it turns the fuel pump on any ideas are truely appreciated
November 1, 2012.

Check for applicable trouble codes. Your security system shouldn't have anything to do with spark. Check for voltage and ground at the ignition module. Pink wire is voltage, black wire is ground. The voltage goes hot when you turn on the key. The pcm controls spark timing during cranking and running. Is there an rpm signal, during cranking? During cranking, do you have good fuel pressure?

Nov 1, 2012.