2001 Pontiac Montana • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 178,000 miles

I have a pontiac montana 2001 3.4L and I replaced the starter connected it bac up now it wont start but I got power doesnt even click could it be a bad silenoid or is it possible to wire the starter back up wrong please help
December 1, 2010.

Have a helper turn the key to the start position while you check for power to the smaller wire on the starter. You should be getting 12+ volts. Let me know what you find.

Im getting 12 volts no noise still im clue less its a junk yard starter no money for a new one 179 dollars my only conclusion is the silenoid does any of this make sense to u thank u for quick feed bac im stranded

Dec 1, 2010.
If you are getting 12 volts to the smaller wire, it should be working. The starter sounds bad. To confirm, remove the starter and have it bench tested at a parts store.

Will do first thing thank u
what about the instrument panel jumping around? Any thoughts to that? Could that be related to the starter or the voltage regulator?

Dec 2, 2010.
It could be an issue with the voltage regulator or a bad connection behind the dash. However, these vehicles are known to have issues with the inst. Cluster. It would need checked by a dealer.

Thank u will do. The wires that lead to the ignition and to the starter have a short in the wire so I need to replace that. Thanks for all the help its appreciated. The starter got checked and came back good the diodes in the altenator are also bad I pulled that as well and had it checked thanks again.

Dec 3, 2010.
Glad to help. Let us know if you have questions in the future.