2001 Nissan Xterra • 211,000 miles

2001 nissan xterra my car was running fine then all of a sudden it started stuttering and surging at 2500 rpm and the codes came up as p0100 p0420 p0430 p1441 we changed the maf sensor and still idles rough when you give it gas it hestiates and missing and the codes still come up
July 27, 2011.

Engine 3.3L? Was recently filled with gas? Any repairs? How old are plugs/wires /filters? Tried clearing codes see what resets?

Jul 27, 2011.
Yes its a 3.3L and it had no recent repairs, until now and we have changed the fuel filter, maf sensor, coolant temp sensor fixed two ground wires, the car had a half a tank of gas when it started it, it will start stuttering around 2500 rmp and you can press the throttle and no reaction, you can turn the key off and start up imeditately and it will run smooth for about 3 miles! Thought we had it fixed ran fine all day then boom it was doing it again I am at my wits end!

Oh yeah and the plugs we pulled them they are good and burning clean the wires are good none cracked, checked them at night no sparks nothing!

Need to do some tests will need a volt-ohm meter. If have see diagrams locate ECM remove to gain access to connector. Need to ground meter and with POS lead use paper clip to back probe terminal 54 to MAF. Engine warm measure voltage increase throttle to 4000 rpms voltage should go up. Let me know suspect open or short in MAF circuit

Jul 29, 2011.
Well I couldnt get the throttle to go over 2400 rpms, looked at the distributor saw some metal shavings replacing the distributor today I will keep you posted, I hope so close to 400 for only the part ugh

Well Dist comming apart will cause the lack of RPM

Aug 1, 2011.
Distributor fixed it, only it has a little hickup everyone now and the the book said 15 degrees above tdc and the label on the underside of the hood said 10 above tdc for the timing which one should I use or should I spilt the difference?

Disconnect TPS see diagram engine op temp adj timing to 18-22 deg BTDC

Aug 3, 2011.
Ok I am about to give up! Got the distributor ran find for a week and a half and now its doing the same thing anymore suggestions?

Still getting codes? What are they?

Aug 22, 2011.