2001 Mitsubishi Galant

Hello Jacobandnickolas
i trying to answer :
with no luck , here is my answer , waiting your reply
so what i should do ?
please note i changed the fans and the fan contoler
another thing when i remove the coolant sensor plug i getting check engine light on the dashboard and the high speed come so i think this can tell me i have no issue with Fans , contoler and relay
and as with AC they working fine this give me an extra point to tell me the fans and controler are ok and the AC relay as well
yes as you say i tested the voltage and i got aroung 6 volt power so were exactly my issue ? where i can find this resistance and how i can replace
appreciate your help and many thanks in advance
November 5, 2011.

So does both upper and lower radiator hoses get really hot?Because if you can remove the radiator cap when its really hot and coolant doesnt go blowing all over you have some engine circulation issues.

Nov 12, 2011.