2001 Kia Sportage

The rear passenger window will not roll up (power windows). The other windows work, and the problem window will roll down. What are the likely culprits, the motor, the switch (it won't roll up from the main switch by the driver or the switch in the rear), the regulator, or soomething else? Is there a way to get the window to go up manually while I get up the money for the repair?
November 28, 2012.

If you can roll it down, the problem is not with the motor and it could be both switches are bad.
To crank it up, remove the door panel.
Disconnect the motor wire connector.
Apply battery voltage to one terminal of the motor connector and ground the other. Reverse the polarity if the window is not going up.

Nov 28, 2012.
Some times the opposite door switch can be taken out and brought over to the problem side. You could even carry the trim panel to the problem side and plug the switch in to raise the window. I personally, like to observe the interior light and then press the window switch. If I can see a dimming in the light it indicates power flowed while I had the switch pressed. No dim? Then no power trying to move the motor. Coffee has a strange attraction to window switches. They have no idea what caused it on mine

Dan lincoln
Dec 3, 2012.