2001 Hyundai Tiburon • 121,050 miles

I bought my car 6 months ago knowing there was a transmission problem, incorrect 4th gear ratio, where the seller told me "the overdrives going bad" so I do not drive in overdrive, ever. A month after I bought the car when I had the car in overdrive by accident or not paying attention it would go into limp mode at like stop signs, but ever since I stopped driving in overdrive it has not happened once and my check engine light is on, but everything seems to run fine, so what my question really is, what would it cost to "fix" my transmission or take the check engine light off. Because overall I have no problems getting around but if I were to sell my car I would like to have the check engine light off.
January 20, 2013.

The check engine will go off when the problem is repaired. What are the codes?

The trans will have to come out and be either overhauled or replaced to resolve the issue


Jan 20, 2013.