2001 Honda Civic • 212,000 miles

Ok so I have been chatting with you guys for a day or so and I have replaced the throwout bearing, inspected the input shaft that sticks out. The throwout and pilot bearing were bad so I replaced them. My car is still making a grinding noise when clutch is out but stops when clutch is in. I noticed lastnight that I had it in 1st gear and the clutch pushed in and I was rolling and the noise was still there even though the clutch is in but when I stop and hold clutch in it is quiet what could this be?
October 7, 2011.

Ok but will this screw up the motor or just tranny and clutch

Oct 10, 2011.
If it completely locks up it could damage the engine.

Oct 10, 2011.
Last transmission I had at work that seized up at speed, exploded the clutch and shrapnel smashed the bell housing and dented the car floor, there is a fair bit for force involved here.

Oct 11, 2011.
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