2001 Ford F-150 • 200,000 miles

I have the 2001 Ford F 150 extended cab xlt with v 8 engine, automatic transmission.
When I put truck in gear for say reverse I have to put it in neutral for it to be in reverse, also to put in over drive I have to go to drive. I would like to know if you could tell me how to replace shift cable? Or can this cable be adjusted with out taking a chance on messing up transmission? I would appreciate any help you may be able advice me with. Thank You
June 27, 2013.

First you have to determine WHY it is doing this. Is the cable out of adjustment? Is something bent? Is the cable worn somewhere or is some other component worn out.
I have repaired many of these Fords with components that are worn out inside the steering column that have to be replaced.

Jun 27, 2013.