2001 Chevrolet Venture • 98,000 miles

I hear a noise coming from my 2001 Chevy Venture van. The 1st time it was heard, the wife and I thought a motorcycle was somewhere near. You could even feel a little vibration. The noise only occurs when at a stop and have been driving for a few minutes. It's not engine related. It seems to come from the rear but hard to tell. The noise gets louder and then goes away when I let off the brakes and start driving. It's very unpredictable when it will happen. It may do it 1, 2, or 3 times on a short trip or not at all.
December 16, 2012.

Did you have the ac on?

Was the temp gauge working ok?

Did you check all fluids?

Do you have air suspension?

Hard to figure this with so little info


Dec 16, 2012.
Yes the A/C was on. No air suspension. Fluids are all good. Temp gauge works fine

This does not appear to be a fuel, temperature, or engine related issue.

The sound literally sounded like a motorcycle driving by or perhaps driving over those annoying speed bumps right before a stop sign. There is a small vibration that goes along with the noise.

My initial instinct was a pulsating caliper that was sticking but the sound is so random it's hard to say. And the noise only happens at a dead stop. It goes away when I start driving.

I don't know what other info you want but let me know.

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And you do one follow up telling me I didn't give enough info and then you disappear

Sorry, busy day.

Do you have abs? If so, it could be activating but the light would flash on at times and store a code.

Please check this and get back to me.


Dec 17, 2012.
Yes I have abs, but there are no engine codes that come on or brake light that come on.

Saturday I heard the noise mutiple times on a 40 mile trip with the A/C on. Sunday and today not one time did the noise show itself.

It's weird. It may be another day or 2 before it shows up again. But the noise is a distinct growl (like a motorcycle). My wife jokes around and says my car is farting (and the noise isn't far off from that type of sound).

The brakes "feel" fine and responsive. They don't pulse, squeal, or pull to one side when stopping.

I appreciate your help and if we don't resolve it in a day or 2 I will have a mechanic look at it.

But any other feedback you can give me will be appreciated.

It could also be a wheel bearing as well. Jack up the car and spin the rear wheels and see if there is any noise or play.


Dec 18, 2012.