2001 Buick Century • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 50,000 miles

2001 Buick Century mileage: 50,000. For a while my car has been stalling while I'm driving it. It can happen anytime, anywhere. I took it to my mechanic who tried to get a code but could not get anything. He thought it was an ignition module. He put one in the car and it was all right when I brought it home. However, the next morning it would not start very well. Got it started but then it stalled a couple of times that day while accelerating. When it stalled, it took about 5 minutes to get it going which it wasn't doing before I got it fixed. Took it back to the mechanic. This time he got a code for a crank sensor. He put one in and said to try the car. It still is doing the same thing. Therefore, what could this problem be because it is dangerous driving a car that stalls like that?
October 13, 2010.

Your stalling problem may be cause by the fuel pump. Replacing it and the fuel filter should fix your problem.

Oct 13, 2010.
Hey I dont know if you got the problem fixed or not but I have a 1987 delta 88. And thats what mine has been doing for a while when its cold it seems fine and doent stall as much but if its like above 45 going anywhere is very dangerous. I just took it to a shop and they said it was the Catalytic Converter. So try taking it to a shop and seeing if thats the case : ) hope I helped!

Nov 20, 2010.