2000 Volkswagen Other • 5 cylinder 2WD Manual • 280,000 miles


I am having terrible problems with my VW microbus 2.3i. Its a 2000 model and about a month ago it just would not start anymore, I had it at a mechanic and they said we need to replace the ECU which we did but it only drove for about an hour and same problem. Its been at several mechanics now and they have changed everything including sensors and ECU and all sorts of electronics and they cannot get it fixed. They have asked me now to tow away the Microbus because they don't know what else to do. Please please please if anyone has any ideas why it won't start let me know! The mechanics say the problem is because all the injectors are constantly open and won't open and close in sequence thats why it won't start but they have tried everything to get it fixed and no success at all. Please help
May 12, 2011.

That is a tough one and it does sound like an ECU problem. Do you know if they checked the wiring harness to the injectors for a possible short?