2000 Toyota Celica • 94 miles

Im putting back together a 2000 celica gts I just put a new engine in it. Im have problems getting the drivers side drive axle to go back into the transmission. It goes in a bit and seem like the splines ARE lining up but wont contiune in the need about 2 inches. Ive even try puting it together and putting the wheel on and rotating it, pushing very hard. A guy at a parts store suggested I use a greese on the splines and maby theres fine dirt in it or somthing. Would it be ok to use a axle grease inside the transmisson? Its a 6speed manual maby the small retainer clip is shot but I dont think I can just get that clip? Any suggestions why this isnt sliding in easy im all ears. Other side went back together no problem. Ive done this 20 some times with other cars and have never had an issue like this before.
October 31, 2012.

The C clips could be bit aligned in correctly. Try turning the shaft while you use the shaft ( clearance of the inner joints ) as a slide hammer to try to push it in.

Oct 31, 2012.