2000 Saturn L200 • 125,000 miles

Was going to charge system, but realised clutch is not engaged and spinning.
July 3, 2012.

Did you check the freon in system? Insufficient freon level would not have the clutch working. Do not charge without performing any test. If there are leakages, charging the system would do you no good.

Jul 3, 2012.
Just to add to this one see if the bolts holding the ac lines on the compressor are loose?They issues with those lines loosening up. Also are those bolts reverse torx heads or are they 13mm regular bolt head?If all that is good with the engine running and the ac on see if there is power going to the ac clutch while its not engaged?There were issues with the ac clutches on those. If there is power to the clutch shut it off and make sure the connector going to the clutch doesnt have a open loose terminal where it connects to the terminal of the ac clutch connector. Those are some of the things I have seen on those cars.

Jul 3, 2012.