2000 Pontiac Grand Am • 168,000 miles

2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT 3.4 V6 won't turn over. Checked the battery & gas, and replaced the fuel pump relay and air filter.
December 22, 2011.

Turn over mena start? If yes check for spark at plugs. Check engine light on? Security light?

Dec 22, 2011.
RE: "Turn over mena start? If yes check for spark at plugs. Check engine light on? Security light?"
Yes, I meant it won't start. It tries to start, but never kicks all the way over. At first I thought it might be flooded, but that's not the case. The service engine light is on, the security light isn't. Just had a tune-up in September, but I will check the spark plugs. Thanks.

I changed the spark plugs, it still won't start.

Get a scan done to retrieve the trouble code for the MIL indicating. It could tell us what is wrong.

Dec 25, 2011.
DTC: P0341 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Range/Performance
DTC: P1404 EGR Closed Position Performance

The car will now start, but turns off/dies after a few seconds.

The P0341 is the one causing the stalling or difficult starting. You need to have the sensor and circuit checked.

Dec 26, 2011.
I have now replaced the camshaft sensor & circuit & scanned the car again, no codes came up. However, it still won't start. Any more ideas?

There are 3 main things required for starting and engine.

1. Sparks. Ensure ignition sparks are available. Our DIY section has information on how to go about checking this.

2. Fuel. Ensure you have sufficient fuel pressure and the injectors are pulsing. You can try some starting fluid to see if it works.

3. Engine compression. If engine had been idle for too long and with continous cranking, fuel could have flooded the cylinders at some period and this can wash away the lubricating oil in the cylinders and piston rings. This would cause engine compression to drop and not allow starting. Get a compression test performed.
If you are not able to perform any test, remove the spark plugs and pump 1 cc of oil into each cylinder. Cranks the engine for a few seconds to allow the oil to lubricate the rings. Reinstall the sparks plugs and related components and try starting again.

Dec 30, 2011.