2000 Pontiac Firebird • 81,000 miles

I'am wondering what I should be looking for to replace my back panel speakers in my 00' Bird. I bought some pioneer 300 watt speakers back in the begining of summer but when I talked to a car audio tech at best buy he said something about how it wouldnt be compatiable with the monsoon speakers. So if this is true I really dont want to have to blow hundreds of dollars on a new amp and replace all of them and with pontiac being put in the grave Im having not much luck at finding monsoon replacement speakers, any help would be greatly appreciated.
November 13, 2011.

Also another tidbit if you get to my question is that the lights on my radio that show the time and stations are pretty much faded out, when the sun hits in directly you can see it but 98% of the time you cant see anything. Is there anything I can also do with that?

Nov 13, 2011.
I would go get a second opinion on the speakers, I feel that the sales man was looking for a bigger sale, I am no experts on audio but I doubt that it makes a huge difference just as long as the amp will drive the speakers you choose, as for the other problem, this will have to be repaired by a radio shop as the unit face will have to be removed to check this out.

Nov 13, 2011.