2000 Infiniti G20 • 10,000 miles

What tools do I need to remove the passager side CV axel? How do I get it out? Please help as soon as possible.
November 10, 2012.

Common tools, a 32 or 36 mm socket (with impact wrench or a long handle) and prybar.

Removal (Axle Shaft)

1. Raise and support vehicle. Remove front wheel. Remove wheel bearing lock nut. Remove brake caliper, and support aside. Remove brake
2. Remove upper knuckle nut, and separate knuckle assembly from third link assembly. Push axle shaft through hub, and separate axle assembly from knuckle assembly.

3. Insert screwdriver blade between transaxle case and right axle inner CV joint. Pry joint outward until joint pops free. DO NOT damage axle
boot or axle seal.

4. On M/T vehicles, remove left axle in same manner as in step 3). On A/T vehicles, insert long drift through differential, and drive axle shaft out of transaxle case. See Fig. 3.

NOTE: When removing axle shaft, cover boots with shop towel to prevent damage.
NOTE: DO NOT allow brake caliper to hang from brake hose.
CAUTION: DO NOT damage pinion mate shaft or side gear when driving out axle shaft.
NOTE: Outer joint cannot be disassembled. Remove outer CV boot and inspect joint. Replace joint if damaged or worn.

Nov 14, 2012.