2000 Chevrolet Truck

I was just trying to let you know that I figured out why my 2000 4WD Silerado wasn't going into 4 wheel drive. It was a fuse(ATC) under the hood.
Charlie boy
November 19, 2010.

Thank You for coming back and giving us the fix the others will benefit from it with same problem TY again-God Bless and Happy Holidays

Nov 19, 2010.
Yeah, the lights weren't working on the switch so I tried replacing the switch, that never worked and the guy that ran the used parts place mentioned a fuse being under the hood. I noticed one that had ATC on the cover and thought that it might stand for automatic traction control and replaced it and sure enough that fixed it. I was trying to let a guy that gave me advice about the actuator know what the problem was. The guy at the parts place thought it was the actuator too. Thanks.

Charlie boy
Nov 19, 2010.