1999 Saturn SL1 • 73,000 miles

I just went to a new repair shop and the mechanic charged me $92 in labor to change spark plugs from ones that were the wrong type (Bosch) to put in AC Delco. Was I overcharged? Was the info given to me correct?

Were the Bosch plugs you had in there platnuim ones?Also I hope the new plugs were copper ones?Was 92 total for labor and parts? Also whats your zip code so I can see what that job cost in your area.

Mar 6, 2013.
The Bosch were platinum ones; the new ones are copper. The spark plugs were $11.84/plug and I had 4, so roughly $45. $92 was labor only. My zip is 55435. Thanks for looking into this.

Yes platnuim plugs carbon foul in those engines so putting copper plugs in was a good choice.I have 61-78 labor and for platnuim or iridium plugs 48-72.I think 11 something each plug for copper is way too high. They should only be a few dollars each.

Mar 7, 2013.