1999 Saturn SL1

I have a 1999 Saturn SL the automatic door locks (all four) are clicking, clicking most all the time even when it is parked or running. What can I do to stop this, also will this run my battery down. THANKS Jim
July 21, 2011.

Yes, this would run the battery down.

Either one of the front door lock switch is faulty or out of adjustment causing the problem.

Jul 21, 2011.
Just to add to this one its most likely a bad drivers door lock switch that is on the inside door panel. Next time there cicking and wont stop take a small pocket screwdriver insert it into the top of the drivers door lock switch bezel this will release the switch so it will come out. Then unplug the switch if the door locks stop then then that switch is bad. If not do the samething on the passenger side.I have seen some brand new door lock. Swiches for that car on ebay for under 20 with shipping. If its not ethier inside switch there is one more switch behind the drivers door lock cylinder with the door locks running make sure the drivers door lock cylinder is in the 12 oclock position.

Jul 21, 2011.