1999 Ford Ranger • 215,000 miles

So I replaced my starter it is brand new I know it is not this but when I turn my key all the lights come on on the cluster but when turn the key nothing the truck wont start I had to put a push button on the truck till I can fix it and the push button works every time no problem idk if it is the starter switch or the the key part it self
4.7 grand
December 16, 2012.

Possible ignition switch or neutral saftey switch


Dec 16, 2012.
Unplug the RED LT/BLU wire on the strter solenoid, connect a test light to that wire and try starting the engine with the ignition switch. The testlight should come on (if the ignition switch is working properly).

Secondly, you should quickly jumper the unplugged terminal on the solenoid (the one where the RED LT/BLU wire was connected) with the terminal where the battery cable connects to the solenoid (this simulates turning the ignition switch to the ON position); the starter should operate as long as the jumper is in place.

If the starter works when you lumer it, but not when you turn the key; replace the solenoid.

Dec 16, 2012.