1998 Volkswagen Jetta • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic • 133,333 miles

I have a 98 VW Jetta and lately it will shake the whole steering column and makes a click noise and my brake freeze and it only last for a minute or two then I will smell burning rubber? Any help?
June 15, 2011.

With something like this have this lookedat immediately. It could be something small but it coudl be soemthing more on the dangerous side. If the column shakes it wold lead me to beleive that there is a problem with the frontend or brakes. It could also be a part has fallen off, like abolt or a bll joint ready to break.

Jun 15, 2011.
Hello, thanks for answering my question a while back. I had another one real quick if that's cool? I have had the Jetta looked now by 2 different mechanic's and can't pin point the problem still. It seems as though once I start driving and push on my brakes after the 1st time I do it, my brake pedal with be rock hard to push the brakes it's almost like the brakes aren't letting go of the rotors cause then my wheels are super hot to touch. Could this be some thing wrong with the master cylinder? Thank you

Sep 23, 2011.
A couple of thingsi would check would be to see if the valve going to the power booster has gone bad or the power booster it self if you have power brakes. The only other thing I can think of is the brake hoses in the fron t h ave collapsed or the calipers have or are freezing. The wasy to test for brake hoses is after you have stopped then opne a bleeder screw then close it. If the fluid comes out in force without pressing the brake then your hoses may be bad. Remember one thing though after repeated stops it's normal for disc brakes to get hot, like 300 degrees and up.

Sep 23, 2011.
There's a return hole in the master cylinder that if it gets clogged will do just that. Also, if your calipers don't float properly it can do the same thing.

Sep 27, 2011.