1998 Plymouth Voyager • 125,000 miles

My problem is simular as other question. It started with my signal lights would not work at all at times. The signal indicator lights inside would not blink on either side nor any of the outside would work front or back. I checked all the fuses, they were ok, I also tried the emergency flashers to make sure the bulbs worked and they do. I read on internet to check signal flasher, I unplugged all fuses and reinstalled to make sure they all were in tight. Now. I tried to start the car and over night my battery drained. Nothing was left on. I jumped the car to start, then my signals started working again. ( 2nd battery in 3 weeks.) I put on charge, only would charge to 67% yesterday. Over night its dead again. Where should I start?

December 29, 2012.

You need to find what system is draining the battery. You have to put an ammeter in line and remove fuses one by one till the draw goes away. That will tell you what circuit is draining the battery.


Dec 29, 2012.