1998 Plymouth Voyager • 100,000 miles

1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager starting problems. Van has intermittant starting problems. Occasionally, I will try to start the car and when I turn the key there is no sound at all as if the battery is disconnected. The radio, AC fan, lights all seemed to work. I will let it sit overnight and when I go out to start it the next day, it starts up just fine, repeatedly and will work for days. Then, for no apparent reason it won't start again. Current starter is 3 years old.
June 17, 2012.

You need to check to see if there are ground problems. It sounds like something isn't making a good connection all the time. Make sure the battery terminals are clean and tight. Also, when this happens, check to see if you are getting 12v to the smaller wire on the starter. IF you are, the starter may be bad. If you aren't then it could be a relay or other issue.

On the back side of the steering wheel mount hub are two electrical connectors. One has three wires (blk/red), (blk/lt grn), (Red/white). The other connector has two wires, a (Grn/Lt Blu) and a (Blk/Lt Blu). What do these control and if the first three wire connector was loose, could this be the cause of intermittant starting problems?

Jul 14, 2012.