1998 Lincoln Continental • 145,000 miles

When the rear doors(either) get wet and once opened and closed the door open on the disply comes on. Once the car dries the light warning goes out. Ive checked for loose grounds and wiring, havent found anything. Please help Thank you in advance
November 19, 2012.

There may be a gasket or seal that is missing that protects the door switch from getting wet. Look in the door switch or on top of the door for the location sensor. See if it appears to be unprotected, you will see exposed terminals or sensor, and the door switch and see if it looks like a seal might have been in that place or if the seal is damaged.

Spray some wd-40 in the door latches then open and close each door 5-10 times. No need to slam the doors just open n close them as you would normally. The problem is the door latches dont close all the way once they get rusted. I was driving around for 2 1/2years b4 I fixed it. Wd-40 should fix it

Feb 9, 2013.
If WD40 does not work, PB Blaster works very well