1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee • 174,565 miles

Ac unit has a leak, refrigerant has been added more than once, dye has been added, flouresent light shoes no leak, on all external visible lines, halide detector shoes no leak detected, how can I check the ac evap unit for leaks without removing the whole dash etc?
Ray H
October 12, 2011.

I hate to say it, but you need to gain access to it and that requires partial removal of the dash. I wish I have an easier answer for you.

Just to add to this one before you go tearing apart the dash how quick does the ac loose all of its charge?There are a couple ways I have used to find evaporator cores leaking one is add alot of ac dye and try and get the evaporator core to sweat and leak water out of the ac drain and carry out ac dye with it. Make sure the ac drain is not clogged before trying it.I have also put the ac blower motor on low with the recirculation on and try to find the leak from the ac vents with the ac sniffer.I would hate to see you pull the dash and find out its not leaking. You could also try spraying water into the ac drain hole and try washing some dye out of the ac box.

Oct 12, 2011.
Hay, I like those ideas. Never did it, but will try!

Always willing to share my tricks expernices and ideas with everybody that will listen lol.

Oct 12, 2011.
That is a good one.