1998 GMC Yukon

Expert here needing some help with a/c
my truck is a 98 yukon. Had some a/c problems causing the high side to be super high and kick out. Got my blockage fixed but my high side is still running up there pretty high 350-375. Have I blown my compressor? System has been flushed oiled and vac'd and charged with the correct amount of r134.
August 25, 2012.

Ps new condensor new reciver dryer new orifice tube.

What is the low side?

Aug 25, 2012.
55-57 psi ambent temp is about 96-98

There seems to be too much freon in system.

Aug 26, 2012.
Its not a overcharge issue. It started running high when the first 8 ounces were added

Was the system evacuated? If it is not overcharging then there is air in system. Both low and high are showing high pressure.

Aug 26, 2012.
Yes the system was vacd for 45 minutes and pulled to 29hg v. From what I understand 55 psi on the low side is fine for 100 degree ambient

Here are the specifications.

Referigerant is 36 ozs without rear unit and 64 if with rear unit.

Aug 26, 2012.
At 2000 rpm thats right where im sitting on the low side. High side shoots sky high and kicks out

If you are sure the expansion valve, condenser and referigerant is correct, the other thing that can cause this would be the condenser is not being cooled sufficiently. Try spraying a fine shower of water onto the condenser and repeat the test. I don't think it is the compressor that is faulty because a bad compressor would not be able to push very high pressure, unless the relieve valve internally is stuck and supplying excessive pressure.

Aug 26, 2012.
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