1998 Chevrolet Tracker • 13,800 miles

I bought this car approx 6mo ago and noticed then and now that the engine smells hot after driving it. It does not over heat but smells hot. Can you tell me what is causing this, if it is something to worry about and what I need to do to fix if it is a problem? Who ever the previous owner was, they took very good care of it because everything under the hood was exceptionally clean.
Thank you.
January 12, 2013.

As far as the smell, chances are you have a slight oil leak and it smells like you described. Is the temp gauge staying at a normal operating temp?

Yes all gauges seem good. Nothing noted to be out of whack. Have not noticed it over heating, oil pressure seems good, have plenty of antifreeze, I just have the burning smell. I haven't noticed any oil leakage on the ground either. Thank you for your help. If you think I may have an oil leak, then I will have that checked.

Jan 26, 2013.