1998 Buick Park Avenue • 6 cylinder FWD Automatic • 149,000 miles

Heat blend actuator door, where is it on a 1998 buick park avenue ultra?
January 10, 2011.

There are three that I'm aware of. Two left side under dash. One for driver side blend door and the other controls defrost/vent/floor position door. This one is very difficult maybe impossible to remove and check without removing entire dash. You can manipulate it by moving the linkages with your finger. It has a semi-circular lever that the actuator causes to pivot around to move the blend doors. I had to manually move mine to the defrost position for winter weather. I going to replace the programmer before I attempt to remove the entire dash. The programmer is inexpensive and can be googled online if you dont want to pay dealer.

How would I get to the linkages because I think some debris is causing it to get stuck open or something. It blows hot air on the drivers side but cold air on the passenger side. Could I manipulate it to stay "open"?

Jan 18, 2011.
Probably not debris. Could be the heater programmer or control module in dash. Control module has four resistors that overheat in circuit board and cause solder joints to loosen and malfunction.

To answer your question there is an actuator on the passenger side as well. There are three small 11/32 bolts fastening the actuator. You can remove the actuator (See picture) and move the blend door rod (end of white rod under actuator counterclockwise with your fingers. Down fully counterclockwise is heat mode.

Thanks for the reply, but where is it physically? Do I have to remove entire dash? I can remove the underside of the dash, the vents etc. But I need to know where that "rod" is. I think I can do the job myself, the dealership Minneapolis is the only place here anybody will touch it. Maybe drawing a rough diagram for me would be helpful.

Jan 19, 2011.