1998 Acura Integra • 158,000 miles

I removed timing belt for 2nd time adjusted to cams at tdc when put all back together the valves rattel bad like I have bad gas what would cause that? Before removing it my daughter drove it for a week or two with it one tooth off on the exagust cam drove great but wouldnt idle right with the a/c on and in gear it had no rattle or nothing at that time so when I alighned both cams at tdc it started the ratteling help
August 28, 2011.

One good rule of thumb after installing belt is ti turn the engine, (with tiensioner on but not too tight) and all the way back to #1 and lline up marks. The assurers the belt is setting where it wants. Often tine one of the can needs a too the over adjustment.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you bent some valves and when they close they chatter against uneven surface.
Even if you do not feel interference by had, running a motor makes the connecting roads and valves stretch which takes these few mms asay that kept them from hitting when motor was turned by hand.

Look on the internet if you want a re-built or Craigslist for a used one.

Sorry that happened, it is a job you can do at home. You could even put new rings in during down time.

If the engine is running smoothly, it could be that the belyt was not adjusted correctly. Turn the crankshaft till compression pressure is felt and loosen then retighten the timing belt adjusting bolt and retest.

Aug 28, 2011.