1997 Toyota Rav4 • 140,000 miles

Oil pump housing leak.
truck leaks during warmups only.
no drivability issue.
i previously thought it was oil pan leak, and fortunately I haven't done a gasket replacement on the oil pan yet. The temperature in michigan felt cold. I finally got the courage to crawl under truck, and that's when I discovered the leak was from the housing to block ( bleeding at the seam), with engine running.

i looked in the Hayne's manual and I was discouraged by the repair procedure: manual says the oil pan has to taken off. The crank pulley has to be removed. I consulted with a mechanic friend, who will be helping me on this repair job: He stated that the crank pulley did not need to be removed ( and I thought that would be great!). I forgot to ask him about wether the oil pan needed to be removed. But looking at the diagram in the Haynes manual, it looked like the the crank pulley needed to be off.
will you kindly tell me all I need to know and all I need to replace ( is there anything in addition to the housing to block gasket that require attention?). I don't know if the oil pump housing leak was there before I replaced the camshaft seal and timing belt about 2 weeks ago. But I know my floor jack slid off at one point while supporting the oil pan, and the oil pump housing is immediately above the oil pan.
i'm extremely grateful for as much information/help as you can provide me with.

January 1, 2013.

Yes, the crank pulley must come off as well as the timing belt and the oil pan

be prepared to replace the housing based on your statement about the jack slipping off and possibly damaging the housing


Thanks for your reply. The housing issue you mentioned crossed my mind. But when I run the engine to pinpoint the source of the oil leak, I saw the oil bleeding at the housing to block seam and didn't notice any cracks. In what way could the housing be damaged?

Jan 1, 2013.
Could be cracked on the edge,

when you get it off, use a small torch and heat it up on that edge and look closely for a crack


You're likely to be right. When I was finishing off the cam seal job and putting everything back together, that's when this truck slid off. At the time I didn't know the jack I put on the right side was falling off, but somehow I moved myself out of the way and that's when it occured to me that the jack fell off. I really believe I saved myself ( or someone beyond our understanding made me move out of the way). It was 2: 30 am and I was working alone in my garage. Had I been hurt, I doubt anyone would have heard me.

The oil pump is probably hurt. But i'm saved.

Thank you. Happy new year!

Jan 1, 2013.
Good luck and happy new year