1997 Pontiac Sunfire • 4 cylinder FWD Automatic •

How to replace a 1997 pontiac sunfire 2.4l waterpump
May 8, 2011.

Water pump is driven by timing chain idler and is mounted on rear of timing chain housing. See Fig. 23. Disconnect negative battery cable. Drain cooling system. Disconnect oxygen sensor connector.
Remove upper exhaust manifold heat shield. Remove exhaust manifold brace. Remove lower exhaust manifold heat shield. Loosen exhaust manifold-to-exhaust manifold spring loaded nuts. Remove radiator outlet pipe to water pump cover bolts. Disconnect exhaust pipe from manifold.
Pull down on exhaust pipe to disconnect if from exhaust manifold bolts. See EXHAUST MANIFOLD. Disconnect outlet pipe from oil pan and transaxle. If equipped with manual transaxle, remove exhaust manifold brace. Leave lower radiator hose attached and pull down on radiator outlet pipe to disengage from water pump. Leave outlet pipe hanging.
Lower vehicle. Remove exhaust manifold to cylinder head nuts. Remove exhaust manifold. Remove timing chain front cover. See FRONT COVER. Remove timing chain tensioner. See TIMING CHAIN, SPROCKETS & TENSIONER. Remove bolts securing water pump cover to cylinder block. Remove water pump-to-timing chain housing nuts.
Remove water pump attaching nuts. Remove water pump and cover assembly. Separate components as necessary.

May 8, 2011.