1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse • 4 cylinder FWD Manual • 149,000 miles

When I accelerate from an idle without the car in gear it decellerates slowly, it seems like somthing is sticking, but the throttle cable seems to be fine. My idle is fine. This seems to be effecting my fuel economy. Any advice would be appreciated.
March 28, 2011.

What do mean "accellerate from idle without the car in gear?" It has to be in gear for the car to move. Or, do you mean you rev the engine?

Reving, also it stays over 2000rpm while coasting down a hill in neutral.

Jun 2, 2011.
Have the throttle position sensor (TPS) and the idle air control (IAC) checked. It sounds like a problem with the IAC.

Not necessarally, there is a cruise control box in the engine compartment on the wall on the passenger side. It is posible that the turn tables within that box are sticking.