1997 Mitsubishi 3000GT • 14,100 miles

Car is vibrating like crazy at 65-70 mph. Once I take my foot off the accellerator it stops vibrating. Steering wheel is vibrating while this is happening. Seems to be coming from the motor? Sometimes it seems its coming from the front left. Seems it only does it when going up a slight incline in the road as it doesnt do it on a flat road!
November 15, 2012.

It could be the motor mounts. To check this put the car in gear with the brake on and open the hood so you can see the motor. If you give it some gas and the motor moves more than just an inch or 2 it probably has basd mounts. You must replace all the mounts and transmission mounts as a set all at once or the new mounts will faill quickly.