1997 Ford Taurus • 90,000 miles

Battery drain, drawing.4a (400ma) w/everything off & waiting 45mnts for electrical modules etc. To go in "sleep" mode. Isolated draw to
battery saver relay and fuse. Draw drops to.16-.18a when removing fuse. Swapped relay same results also can hear relay click on when
putting fuse back in. Ruled out dome light as culprit. Could the power window motors be causing drain even w/ ignition off? Could the GEM
behind fuse block in cabin be the problem and is there a way to test it? Trunk light is on different circuit and amp draw is normal when trunk closed. Is there other components on this circuit besides dome light and power windows? Thank you in advance for any guidance in resolving
this issue
November 8, 2012.

400 milliamps is not bad draw considering all the items needing battery power.

Did you have the battery tested for internal short causing it dieing?


Hey ASEMaster6371 Thanks for fast response. I have not had battery checked, my original thought was the battery after the 2nd
time it went dead on me. The car has not been on the road for about 6 months wich is also when I put new battery in, I have been starting
the car every few days since then. The dead battery issue started about 6weeks ago, I have charged the battery full w/charger It holds
charge for days when not hooked to car and loses 80% of charge after being hooked to car for 12-16hrs. The 400ma did'nt seem too
much to me either but literature I've been reading says normal max should be 200ma. I just checked on batt. After being hooked to
car w/fuse removed for batt. Saver, windows etc. Circuit for about 12 hrs and it lost too much charge 12.8v down to 10.8v. The battery
is still under warranty so I will exchange it for new one later this evening.I will put fuse back in and monitor new battery over 24 hr period.
This is not primary car so there is no rush getting it on the road (unless my girls car breaks down then all bets are off ha) so I have the
luxury of taking time in resolving this issue. Also have jump box & charger so if excessive drain is the problem bringing Batt. Back up is
not a problem. Will let you know results after above mentioned test w/new batt. Thanks again for your response. Also Alternator
does check out fine 14v-14.5v

Nov 8, 2012.
Is it just my bad typing skills or does amp; pop up on its own after typing the & symbol

Nov 8, 2012.
Just wanted to post update I was not aware that turning lock cylinder to unlock driver door would wake up GEM. So when
I checked amp draw the GEM was in awake mode wich would explain the 400ma reading. I replaced battery, put fuse back in
and took reading got.45a-.5a After 45 minutes and without using key on door lock the GEM went into sleep mode and draw dropped
to.18a-.2a Everything should be good to go now but will know for sure in a few days. As ASEMaster6371 suggested it appears the battery
was bad, probably came off the shelf that way as it was not that old. The door lock thing makes sense as a safety feature so inside of car will
be lit from dome light before opening door. I disconnected dome while troubleshooting so it was not noticable that it was trying to come on
when unlocking door.

Nov 9, 2012.