1997 Ford Explorer • 147,000 miles

My a.C just blows hot air I took it to a mechanic and the compressor would not turn on but when he connected the compressor direct it clicked on but was still just blowing hot air it has no leaks it was recharged also the pressure is right where it is supposed to be. I opened the the glove box and the blend door does not open or close I did it manually still no cold air the acuator I took it out and it looks fine I dont see any wear or cracks on the teeth of the the wheels in there. Please need help any idea what it can be I have a 1997 ford explorer eddie Bauer v6 sohv 4 L.
August 24, 2013.

Are you sure the system held its charge? As far as the compressor, did the mechanic check the cycle switch? Also, was the system pressure checked to make sure there are no blockages in it?

Yes it held its charge I dont think he checked the cycle switch and yes he checked the pressure he said it was where it was supposed to be

Aug 25, 2013.
I would have him check to make sure the cycle switch is working. That is what energizes the compressor clutch.