1997 Ford Contour • 21,800 miles

Car/front end start shaking, vibrating in the front end but it doesn't feel like the tires. I have rotated the tires with no change. When you get past 40mph is when it gets worse. If you are accerlatiing it is not as bad as when you take your foot off the acdcerlator. Could it possibly be a broken motor mount? When I rotated the tires I could not get much movement out of the front tires. I can't see anything that looks like it may be loose. The engine does kinda of surge at an idle so I am just not sure which way to go on this.
March 10, 2013.

Is there any noise associated with the vibration? Have you checked all steering components?

Your symptoms don't match exactly but there could be a worn spot in one of the inner cv joint housings. That can be aggravated by a collapsed engine mount because it changes the geometry of half shafts and causes the rollers in the inner cv joints to run back and forth in a different area, and that could make them roll into and out of the worn spots. Those worn spots cause binding, so instead of changing length and angle freely, they push and pull on the spindle which tugs on the steering linkage. That binding gets much worse under load such as when accelerating.

Mar 10, 2013.